Military jokes

At Parris Island, a sergeant w…

17 May , 2012  

At Parris Island, a sergeant was teaching a private to throw a grenade at a pracitice training course. He ran about 10 yards away to be safe, and yelled the instructions.”Pull the pin, throw and hit the dirt!”The private proceeds to do so, and throws the explosive directly at the sergeant!A few months later, the sergeant meets the private in a group of men killed in battle. He goes up the the private- no hard feelings because heaven is well, great- and asks him how he ‘bit the dust.’ Responds the private: “Well, i was caught in a ambush; these guys,” He thumbs behind him. “got caught in the jeep under the fire. I managed to make it to a ditch where i yanked a grenade form my belt and pulled the pin and lever. The enemy runs away seeing it, so i put the grenade back onto my belt.”

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