Military jokes

A Maintenance Battalion in Ger…

17 May , 2012  

A Maintenance Battalion in Germany had just received a brand new Executive Officer, an Armor Major. The Major proceeded to issue new SOP directives (Standard Operating Procedures) that WOULD be followed under all circumstances. One of these directives was that NO ONE over the rank of Staff Sergeant would drive their own vehicle, that was what the lower enlisted were for. One morning, the Master Sergeant in charge of the S-2 shop of the battalion had an intel report that was due at Division Headquarters within the hour, and his clerk, a PFC, was off that morning because of duty the night before. The Sergeant felt that he had no choice, the report HAD to get to Division; so he got into his Jeep and started to Division Headquarters.As he got to the gate, the XO stopped him. In a very sarcastic voice he said, “Aren’t we paying our drivers a lot these days?”The NCO, without missing a beat re plied, “Not at all, Sir, when you consider what we are paying gate guards.”

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