Farmer jokes

An old farmer is driving down …

17 Sep , 2009  

An old farmer is driving down a country road in his pickup truck whenit starts making an awful noise. He stops the truck and crawlsunderneath to investigate the problem.”Hmmm…muffler’s loose. I bet I could fix that if I had a MonkeyWrench.” He says.He crawls out from underneath the truck and looks down the road. Offin the distance he sees a small house. There is a black woman andseveral small black children playing in the yard.The Farmer yells to her “Hey Miss, do you happen to have MonkeyWrench?””What?” She yells back.”A Monkey Wrench!!?” He screams.”What?””MONKEY WRENCH!!?…MONKEY WRENCH!!?””Naw, this ain’t no Monkey Ranch, its a Day Care Center!”

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