Dog jokes

A man and his dog went into a …

11 May , 2009  

A man and his dog went into a pub. The barman said “Sorry mate no dogs allowed in here!” The dog said “Oh please don’t be like that, I’m trained and I won’t cause any trouble!” The bar man was astonished at the talking dog and sat and chatted with the dog and it’s owner. After a while the owner went to the toilet and the barman saw his chance for a prank. He said to the dog “Would you do me a favor as a wind up, will you go down to my friends bakers shop and order a loaf of bread??” “Sure!” Replied the dog. The bar man gave the dog a fiver and the dog left.When the owner came out of the toilet he went into a panic when he saw his dog had gone. The barman said “It’s ok he’s gone down to the bakery for me” The owner was livid “It IS NOT OK he’s never been out on his own, anything could happen to him he could get run over.The owner spent the next hour searching for his dog, walking the str eets frantically. As he was walking he heard strange noises coming from an ally way, he went down and there was his dog having it’s wicked way with a lady poodle. “ROVER!” Shouted the owner “You’ve had me worried sick, what’s the matter with you you’ve never dissapeared like this before!” The dog replied “I’ve never had a fiver before!”

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