Dirty jokes

An old man in a nursing home a…

8 Sep , 2009  

An old man in a nursing home awoke one day andtrundled down the hallway to the community breakfastroom looking rather forlorn. Ms. Smith, a nurse, methim in the hallway. She greeted him smilingly andasked how he was this day.Mr. Jones allowed that not all was well; in fact, hispenis had died during the night. Ms. Smith knew thatMr. Jones was occasionally a little off mentally, soshe merely replied that she was sorry to hear the badnews and went on her way.The next morning Mr. Jones was on his way to breakfastagain but on this day he was dressed in a coat andtie, and his penis was hanging out of his pants. Sureenough, he met Ms. Smith whereupon — althoughsomewhat startled — she calmly reminded him that theday before he had told her his penis had died andasked why it was hanging out of his pants.Mr. Jones replied simply, “Today is the viewing.”

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